Tuesday, January 31, 2012

11 Ways to Wear a Cardigan

During this in between season of winter and spring a cardigan is a great layering piece and staple for your wardrobe. The misconception on cardigans sometimes is a big, oversized clothing item worn by grandmas. But we are here to tell you that's no longer true! They are now available in many shapes and styles from cropped to long tunic style. Here are a list of ways you can wear it successfully day to night. Happy reading and happy shopping! - Katie from Four Seasons

1. Wear it Belted

To achieve this look, place a belt at your 'true waist' - the smallest part - creating a slimming hourglass shape. Pair any type of bottoms for a classic look, day or night.

2. Choose an Open Style Cardigan

Invest in a cardigan that has no fasteners so it virtually hangs or drapes over your body. It does hang vertical which gives the appearance of a long, lean shape. It's also quite easy to pair over a blouse, tee or sweater! Think, simplicity and instant style!

3. Pair a Longer Layer Under your Cardigan

It's all about contrast! Mix up the patterns and play with the illusion of a short piece over a longer tunic top. Make sure you choose a cardigan that is more fitted and even a little cropped to achieve this look successfully. This look feels more modern and contemporary compared to the usual ideal of a cardigan as frumpy or older.

4. Printed Top + Solid Cardigan

There is nothing more daring than choosing a bright or loud patterned article of clothing. The key here is to choose 1 'loud' piece and pair with solids or neutrals to offset it. Pictured here the solid cardigan helps neutralize the bright colored dress. This outfit is definitely a win!

5. Be Daring and Choose a Bright Colored Cardigan

It's great to have basics like black, white, gray and other neutrals, but invest in a bright colored, great fitting cardigan too for pairing over your great LBD. The pop of color in this blue cardigan really makes the outfit. Make sure to wear your bright colored cardigan with colors that offset it - not a whole outfit of this one color. You don't want to resemble a crayola crayon!

6. Long and Chunky Cardigan

Yes, you may be thinking 'my grandmas old sweater'? Well partly, but this cardigan has style and drama. Choose one that is chunky and textured so it doesn't just appear big and bulky. Although remember the bigger the cardigan the taller you should be too. Don't forget bold accessories to go with this outfit. The bigger the sweater - the bigger the bracelet cuff, earring and long necklace too. Also, this look is great for fall, winter or even spring as show through the pink hues in this outfit.

7. Wear Your Cardigan as a Top

Button it all the way up and you are good to go. Add a camisole with a little lace peaking out if you want a little more coverage. A subtle sex appeal makes wearing this cardigan a great look. This look pairs great with your favorite jeans for a causal yet put together look. Think casual Fridays or running errands on Saturday.

8. Textured Cardigans are Always a Win

Crocheted, lacy and open-knit cardigans can add lots of visual interest to an outfit. Helen Mirren pulls it off by adding texture to a print by keeping it in the same color family. These type of cardigans can be cropped, short or waist length and still work.

9. Lady Like Cardigan

Cardigans can be very feminine in a pretty pink shade as pictured here on Katy Perry. Paired with a bow shirt for added class and style. Lace, ruffles and soft fabrics all work well under these cardigans and enhance this look. Just make sure you don't age yourself and pair an outfit of all one solid color - this will give off the 2 piece older style suit look.

10. Make Your Cardigan Preppy

Wear a button front shirt, untucked and buttoned all the way up. Pair a cardigan of contrasting shade over it. Add skinny jeans in black or dark denim and pair with flats or heels. You can even make this look dressy by choosing a crisp button front white blouse with a more structured cardigan - a great outfit for the office.

11. Pair a Longer One with Leggings

This tunic length cardigan covers enough of the backside to be worn with leggings. Choose a basic long cardigan and play with printed, patterned or sweater type leggings. This look is both comfortable and stylish - a win in our book!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

How to Dress 10lbs Thinner!

It's the beginning of a new year and maybe your resolution was to lose a few pounds or inches, hit the gym more frequently or get back into those skinny jeans? Well if those resolutions haven't quite been working or you just want quicker results.....try these tips for choosing clothes that make you appear 10lbs lighter (without even going to the gym)!

1) Body-Lengthening Clothes

"Everything should be body skimming," says celebrity stylist Robert Verdi. "The most common misconception is that bigger clothes will make you look slimmer." Pile on lightweight vertical pieces (think long cardigans, scarves, necklaces) to build a body-lengthening look without the bulk.

2) Accentuate Your Waist

A voluminous white tunic may sound like the antithesis to dressing thinner, but it can be surprisingly flattering. "Define your waist with a skinny belt," Verdi says. "And the farther you are from the floor, the skinnier you'll look, so wear platform heels." Remember to harness the power of slimming undergarments--they're the sneakiest look-trim trick of all.

Did you see the words "slimming undergarments"?? That means SPANX! Don't forget your foundation before you even get dressed and you will feel more confident as well! Shop Spanx here.

3) Boot Cut Jeans

"Dark boot legs are the most flattering. The slight flare at the ankle will give a long, lean appearance." Choose the size that is appropriate for your body - not too small and not too big. If you appear to be "squeezing" into your jeans or they are too baggy, they will not flatter your body.

Add a longish top for coverage and a cropped, fitted jacket to nip in your waist. Or belt your longish-tunic top around your waist for an added slimming bonus.

4) Choose Shapely Skirts

The tailored cut look of a pencil skirt makes all bodies look sleek. The idea here is to make sure the skirt is not too tight through the hips (like the one pictured on the model here). Add a nice jacket and you have a classy look plus look slim.

5) Get yourself a V-neck dress that’s cinched at the waist.

The one dress everyone looks great in, it is usually constructed with darts at the b ust, has curve-enhancing seams and cinches in at or just above the waist—all sveltering features. The Little Black Dress (LBD) is a must in every woman's closet and this version is especially slimming.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Top 5 Must-Have Jeans

There truly are jeans for every occasion. Here are some good reasons to buy 5 new pairs of jeans this fall...

1. The Boyfriend Jean - The Weekend Jean
  • loose fitting
  • relaxed
  • low rise
  • straight leg
  • often worn cuffed
These jeans are the epitome comfort and casual jeans in your wardrobe. Roll or cuff them and add a pair of wedges or flats for a laid-back chic look. The term 'boyfriend' is stolen from the idea that men's jeans are looser fitting and have a laid back style. And who says that women shouldn't be able to be comfortable and casual too?

Worn here by Kim Kardashian, they are cuffed and distressed for an added casual look. Invest in a good pair of boyfriend jeans and you surely won't be disappointed. Choose these jeans when comfort is your top priority!

Dark Slim Jean - The Out-of-the-Office Doing Business Jean
  • dark wash
  • slim leg
  • ultra sleek
  • higher waist

Kate Middleton is showcasing a great fitted skinny jean hitting right at the ankle. This style jean is perfect for an business meeting lunch or semi formal meeting where you want to dress to impress. Pair with conservative pieces like a blazer and ruffle blouse for an even more dressed up look. To get this look right, choose a skinny jean that fits well in a wash that is dark enough, almost appearing black.

3. High Waist - Wide Leg - The Bombshell Jean
  • high waist
  • wide leg
  • fitted
  • light or dark wash works
This style jean is a head turner! Not only does the style flatter, shape and tuck where you need it most, but its old-school reminiscent brings out your inner fashion diva. The higher waist really does slim and show off your hourglass figure while creating the appearance of long legs - even if genetics didn't bless you with them. Pair these jeans with heels & a fancy top for a great going out look. Tuck in your shirt to show off the great fit and style.

4. One Size up Jeans - The Travel Jean
  • one size up for comfort
  • flare leg
  • darker wash
  • Easy waistband
  • Super soft denim

Ok, so we admit, who really likes to buy jeans or any clothes for that matter, ONE size bigger than normal?! But, trust us here, and go for one size up for comfort and you will thank yourself later. Traveling in the car, by plane, boat or bus, you will appreciate a little extra room sitting or standing. The darker wash of the jeans helps disguise the extra so you'll still be able to pull off your classic chic look even when traveling. Plus these jeans are a wardrobe essential, for those days when you want to indulge on that slice of chocolate cake. :)

5. Straight Leg Blue Jeans - The (Almost) 'Mom' Jean

  • Straight Leg
  • Mid Rise
  • Not too fitted
  • Medium to dark wash
  • Must be comfortable
Even if you aren't a mom, these jeans are for you. And if you are a mom, its likely these are your tried and true go-to pair of good ol' baby blue jeans. Sure, Katie Holmes (pictured here) is fashionista, but when it comes to taking care of her family, she holds nothing back. These jeans won't turn heads, but they can take you from AM to PM in comfort. Choose a medium to darker wash to conceal any spill or blemish. Sometimes called your favorite jean; they just fit and feel oh so good.

Which jeans will you be buying? Leave us your comments...

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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Denim Jeans - An American Classic

Denim Blue Jeans have become a staple in the wardrobes of so many American women and men. You can even purchase a pair of blue jeans for your infant or toddler. Jeans have come to the forefront of fashion both appearing as a everyday basic yet they can be considered dressy at the same time. Sometimes thought of as the most versatile clothing item in your closet as the varieties, styles, colors, brands and selection for jeans are endless.

The price tag is another area that ranges as there can be a definite sticker shock that comes with certain pairs of jean. A little over one month ago, the Wall Street Journal published an article titled, "How Can Jeans Cost $300?" This very interesting article took a look at the different aspects of premium jeans from the price tag to manufacturing to styling. In fact, many of these jeans are made right here in the United States which adds to their popularity. The premium denim capital has been deemed Los Angeles and rightfully so for their production and distribution of so many premium labels. Jeans that are made right here in the USA not only are advantageous to our society economically speaking, but also there is far shorter production time from factory to stores. For consumers and fashionists, this means the newest trends in jeans are available to purchase much quicker than if the jeans were being made abroad.

Another interesting aspect of premium denim jeans is the type of looms (the device used to weave cloth) used to make the jeans. These older looms dating back to the 1950s are creating these premium denim jeans. They actually weave the fabric with slight irregularities creating texture giving the jeans character. Compared the the newer looms, even though are more efficient, actually produce jeans with less texture.

Next time you are in the neighborhood to buy jeans, check out our jeans guide a manual to help you determine the best fit, style and brand for your shape.(The guide can be found on our website or pick up a copy at your nearest location). Happy jeans shopping!

What's next?

As the summer season starts winding to a close, the fall fashion season is just beginning and MUCH more frequent blog posts will be coming your way!

What does this mean for you, yes, you our loyal customers? Great fashion updates, tips, style advice, how-to's, tutorials, videos & much more! We are here to help you look and feel your best plus stay connected and current with world of fashion! Plus, our blog will serve a forum for your questions and concerns. We would love your feedback and comments so please feel free to interact with us.

We couldn't resist giving you a sneak peek of Fall 2011 fashion coming your way. A few trends you might see in stores or have already seen include:

*Lace - Both feminine and classic, Add a bit of lace, either over or layer under a top to polish any outfit.

*Polka Dots - Get in touch with your inner child! Have some fun with this trend and the key is to pair a solid with a polka dot piece so it's not too overwhelming.

*Mustard Hues - Don't be afraid to play around with colors, you don't have to have the 'perfect' skin tone to wear these yellow family hues. Think accessories with gold tones for a less daring approach.

*Working-Girl Dress - Sure, black pants are always a winner, but mid-calf length, blousy style dress (think 70s) are on the agenda this fall.

As always, thanks for reading and of course shopping with us!

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