Thursday, January 19, 2012

How to Dress 10lbs Thinner!

It's the beginning of a new year and maybe your resolution was to lose a few pounds or inches, hit the gym more frequently or get back into those skinny jeans? Well if those resolutions haven't quite been working or you just want quicker results.....try these tips for choosing clothes that make you appear 10lbs lighter (without even going to the gym)!

1) Body-Lengthening Clothes

"Everything should be body skimming," says celebrity stylist Robert Verdi. "The most common misconception is that bigger clothes will make you look slimmer." Pile on lightweight vertical pieces (think long cardigans, scarves, necklaces) to build a body-lengthening look without the bulk.

2) Accentuate Your Waist

A voluminous white tunic may sound like the antithesis to dressing thinner, but it can be surprisingly flattering. "Define your waist with a skinny belt," Verdi says. "And the farther you are from the floor, the skinnier you'll look, so wear platform heels." Remember to harness the power of slimming undergarments--they're the sneakiest look-trim trick of all.

Did you see the words "slimming undergarments"?? That means SPANX! Don't forget your foundation before you even get dressed and you will feel more confident as well! Shop Spanx here.

3) Boot Cut Jeans

"Dark boot legs are the most flattering. The slight flare at the ankle will give a long, lean appearance." Choose the size that is appropriate for your body - not too small and not too big. If you appear to be "squeezing" into your jeans or they are too baggy, they will not flatter your body.

Add a longish top for coverage and a cropped, fitted jacket to nip in your waist. Or belt your longish-tunic top around your waist for an added slimming bonus.

4) Choose Shapely Skirts

The tailored cut look of a pencil skirt makes all bodies look sleek. The idea here is to make sure the skirt is not too tight through the hips (like the one pictured on the model here). Add a nice jacket and you have a classy look plus look slim.

5) Get yourself a V-neck dress that’s cinched at the waist.

The one dress everyone looks great in, it is usually constructed with darts at the b ust, has curve-enhancing seams and cinches in at or just above the waist—all sveltering features. The Little Black Dress (LBD) is a must in every woman's closet and this version is especially slimming.


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