Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Denim Jeans - An American Classic

Denim Blue Jeans have become a staple in the wardrobes of so many American women and men. You can even purchase a pair of blue jeans for your infant or toddler. Jeans have come to the forefront of fashion both appearing as a everyday basic yet they can be considered dressy at the same time. Sometimes thought of as the most versatile clothing item in your closet as the varieties, styles, colors, brands and selection for jeans are endless.

The price tag is another area that ranges as there can be a definite sticker shock that comes with certain pairs of jean. A little over one month ago, the Wall Street Journal published an article titled, "How Can Jeans Cost $300?" This very interesting article took a look at the different aspects of premium jeans from the price tag to manufacturing to styling. In fact, many of these jeans are made right here in the United States which adds to their popularity. The premium denim capital has been deemed Los Angeles and rightfully so for their production and distribution of so many premium labels. Jeans that are made right here in the USA not only are advantageous to our society economically speaking, but also there is far shorter production time from factory to stores. For consumers and fashionists, this means the newest trends in jeans are available to purchase much quicker than if the jeans were being made abroad.

Another interesting aspect of premium denim jeans is the type of looms (the device used to weave cloth) used to make the jeans. These older looms dating back to the 1950s are creating these premium denim jeans. They actually weave the fabric with slight irregularities creating texture giving the jeans character. Compared the the newer looms, even though are more efficient, actually produce jeans with less texture.

Next time you are in the neighborhood to buy jeans, check out our jeans guide a manual to help you determine the best fit, style and brand for your shape.(The guide can be found on our website or pick up a copy at your nearest location). Happy jeans shopping!


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